President Checks on the Conditions, Travels of Religious Pilgrims


President Salih inquired about the conditions of Iraqi pilgrims as well as the services provided to them in the Holy Land, seeking to ensure that their beautiful and important journey was proceeding smoothly and without issue. 
Talking by phone with the Head of the Iraqi High Commission for Hajj and Umrah, Sheikh Dr. Khalid Al-Attiyah, the President emphasized the importance of providing the best possible services to all Iraqi pilgrims, as well as ensuring their safe return to the Iraqi homeland. 
The President stressed the need to intensify efforts related to the comfort and well-being of all pilgrims in the Holy Land in all aspects of their travels and religious obligations. 
Sheikh Dr. Al-Attiyah confirmed that all the pilgrims have performed the Hajj smoothly and without major incidents.
Dr. Al-Attiyah noted that he appreciated President Salih's consistent support for the work of the Hajj and Umrah Commission, which has worked diligently to provide the best possible services for all Iraqi pilgrims. 

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