President, Meeting with Interior Minister and Babil Governor, Calls for Strengthening National Cohesion


President Salih emphasized the importance of promoting national cohesion amongst the Iraqi people, and adopting transparency and precision when transmitting information and facts to the public opinion to prevent ambiguity in understanding.
Meeting with Minister of Interior Yassin al-Yassiri and the Governor of Babil Karar al-Abadi today at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, His Excellency welcomed the measures taken in legal investigations related to the unidentified bodies recently found in the Governorate of Babil. The President highlighted the importance of ascertaining the truth and making it public. 
The President stressed the need to protect the lives and property of all citizens, ensure public freedoms and rights, and enforce law and order. Strengthening intelligence efforts in dealing with various internal security matters, as well as improving State regulation of weapons in the country, would also help in this effort, the President said. 
The Minister of Interior confirmed to the President that the unidentified bodies dated to the years between 2016 and 2018. They were found in different areas, and later buried in accordance to the law of forensic medicine, which allows municipal departments to bury bodies after two years of stay at the Department of Forensic Medicine.
The Governor of Babil, in his discussion, reviewed the city’s security and service conditions.


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