The President, Receiving a Number of Heads of Parliamentary Blocs, Asserts the Commitment to the Constitutional Timeliness for Selecting PM, who will be Accepted by Iraqis for Transitional Government


President salih met today at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad with a number of Heads of Parliamentary Blocs of the Council of Representatives.
Together, they deliberated political and security situations in the country as well as the importance of adherence to the constitutional timeliness to be agreed upon selecting a nominating for the post of Prime Minister for the translational government. 
Furthermore, they agreed on the need to pick a national qualified figure who is accepted by Iraqis' people, having the ability to perform the tasks assigned to him regarding the entitlements reforms. And he will be asked for the preparation for the holding of free and fair elections in accordance with an election law guaranteeing a fair representation of the people of Iraq and its free will.    
During the meeting, emphasis was placed on the rejection of using violence, the confrontation of outlaws those who attack peaceful protestors and the public security. 
It is also stressed on securing the constitutional rights to protest peacefully, express opinion, protect peaceful demonstrators, as well as following up security services in protecting activists from being kidnapping and intimidating carried out by criminal gangs and working on supporting government's installations to enforce the rule of law. 


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