President Salih Receives a Call from US Vice President


President Salih received today a telephone call from US Vice President Mike Pence. 
During the phone call, the President and the US Vice President discussed the current situation in Iraq and the region as a whole as well as the ways of developing bilateral relations so as to serve mutual cooperation between the two countries. 
US Vice President confirmed his support for Iraq's stability and its people's aspirations in the reforms process, peace and rejections of violence as well. the importance of respecting and protecting the Iraqis' will and their choices away from external interference, he highlighted.  
President Salih stressed that the solutions to the current situation should be in response to the Iraqi national decision away from foreign interference, within the peaceful means in the ways that preserve security, stop the bloodshed, help to uphold the rule of law and the state, preserve the right of expression and peaceful demonstration, promote addressing all attempts aiming at interfering in the internal affairs of the country in addition to undermine Iraq's security.
The President underlined the necessity of rejecting violence, maintaining the peaceful popular movement, preserving the right of the people of the homeland to express their aspirations and their demands in a manner keeping with the conduct of a democratic state. Supporting the security and military institution to carry out its duties to preserve the lives of citizens and property as well as preventing violations, the abuse citizens' rights and break the public security, he emphasized. 
The two sides commemorated the anniversary of the defeat of ISIS, the liberation of Mosul, the sacrifices of Iraqis in confronting terrorism and the role of the United States and the international coalition and its support for Iraq in the war against terror. The importance of rebuilding destroyed cities, returning of displaced persons as well as   guaranteeing the coexistence of religious and national components and their unity to confront extremism, they pointed out.

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