On the Anniversary of Iraq's Liberation from Terrorist Gangs of ISIS, on Commemorating Victory, We Recall a History of Heroic Mythology, Says President


To the heroes of the liberation on the commemorating of the liberation,
To our righteous martyrs and their families, 
To our wounded whom their bodies were decorated by the dignity,  
To our brave fighters,
To all kinds and formations of Armed Forces participated in liberating of Iraq for having freedom, honor and dignity,
To our great Iraq's people, 
Congratulations to all of us on the anniversary of liberating our lands which had been made and cleansed by your blood and your sacrifices. 
  Congratulations to all of us on this great victory, while we commemorate the anniversary of defeating and demising of the backward state ISIS which was established by criminals. Therefore, you did not rest in working, fighting, sacrifice and heroism throughout the years of glory until your sacrifices culminated in the victory which your people and future generations will continue to be proud of. You have protected your people and all humanity from the desecrated of evil. 
On the anniversary of the great triumph, we recall an honorable history of a heroic mythology and stories which every moment of pride and dignity has been immortal.
On this immortal anniversary, we gratefully and honorably remember the Grant Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani's attitude who issued Fatwa for jihad which was more than enough to our youth people from being volunteered to fight and join the battle against ISIS. As consequences we express gratitude and words of thanks to the Grant Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani as well as to those who called for liberation and those who responded to the call. 
  We also do not forget the heroism of the fighters from the senior field leadership with all the kinds and formations of the Army, Police, Counter-Terrorism, PMF, and Peshmerga. As long as we are alive, we will not forget this great army which has stood for all our combating formations, representing by Iraq's people who sacrificed in lives, money and property while defending national dignity to recapture cities and villages until victory is realized. 
We also do not forget the stand of all the countries which have supported and helped Iraq to get rid of the blind killing and the lethal machine which is disgraced and called ISIS.
O Iraqis, who, in your nature, reject the grievance and oppression. 
Recalling these heroic acts, we are living a new history written by our youth and daughters at the demonstrations squares, demanding their rights and a decent life.
O my Sons and Daughters of demonstrations, as well as our Security Forces make the squares and the bridges to be a point of unity and not to be as point of differences. Do not allow enemies to distort our history and triumphs by using of spoilers who want Iraq and its people to get worse. 
With your determination, let us to complete the process of reforming our political system in addition to correct the dysfunctional and wrong points for establishing a good government.
I call on you and political blocs to cooperate and come together to name what being agreed and considered suitable to hold a post of the new Prime Minister and to form a new government within the constitutional timeliness and the legal frameworks which would solve the problems and reconstruct the country and its installations as well as upholding the aspirations of our young men and women, our children, our elderly and all Iraq's components. Let the anniversary to be a symbol of unifying, rising and coming together to build Iraq that we want to. 
Pride and glory is and will be for Iraq and its people. 
Mercy for the martyrs, the pride for their families due to the glory and what have been made by the martyrs for Iraq and its people.
Let us realize more triumphs. 
Peace, mercy, blessings of Allah be upon all of you. 
Barham Salih, President of the Republic,
December 10, 2019.


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