Iraq faces serious challenges in the level of threat to its security, sovereignty and the future of its people. The attempt to storm US Embassy in Baghdad is considered a violation of the international contexts and agreements by which Iraqi government is bound.
Peaceful protest is a legitimate right as it is guaranteed by the Constitution. However, the attack against the diplomatic missions accredited harms Iraq's interest and its international reputation as Iraq is a sovereign state respecting its obligations and agreements and protecting diplomatic missions. It is an attack on Iraq sovereignty before being on any other party.
It is our duty and security forces' duty to protect diplomatic missions, official installations and public and private interests. With a view to ensuring public security, we call on protestors to withdraw from US Embassy and its compound as well as preventing an escalation of the situation.
We emphasized on the statement issued by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that any aggression or harassment of the foreign embassies and representatives is an act which will be strictly prevented by the security forces. The perpetrators will be held fully responsible.

Barham Salih,
President of the Republic