The President, Meeting with Vatican's Pope Francis, Stresses the Importance of Strengthening Efforts to Bring Peace and Stability to the Region


Today at the Vatican, President Salih met with His Holiness Pope Francis. An official reception was made at the Vatican headquarters by His Holiness Pope Francis as well as a number of Vatican’s Cardinals and bishops for His Excellency the President.  
During the meeting, the President asserted that the fraternity and peaceful coexistence among Muslims, Christians and other spectrums of the society is the only way to eradicate extremism in all its forms and types, indicating that the terrorist crimes committed against all Iraqi components are contrary to the religious tradition of Islam.
 His Excellency stated that the crisis which the region suffer from could be resolved by adopting dialogue and understandings, noted the importance of enhancing the efforts aiming at prevailing peace, security and stability in the region.
The President paid homage to the Pope Francis's sincere attitudes in urging unity, harmony and enhancing the bonds of national cohesion among all the people of Iraq.
His Holiness's desire and call to prevail peace and security, in addition to bring about coexistence among the followers of the divine religious and prevent further escalation regionally and internationally, were commended by the President.
Pope Francis, in turn, highlighted the need for further advancement in the promotion Iraq's stability. It is important to give priority to open dialogue which would reach to attain positive understandings in addition to promote peaceful coexistence to strengthen the ties of friendships and to consolidate, peace and moderation, he added.
Arrangement for the Papal visit to Iraq which is scheduled to be paid at a later date by His Holiness was discussed during the meeting.
The President had met with Vatican's Pope at the Vatican in November 24, 2018. The recent visit comes While the region is confronted with unprecedented challenges.