President Receives Head and Members of Federal Service Council


President Salih met today at the Presidential palace in Baghdad with the Head of the Federal Service Council, Mr. Mahmoud Mohammad Abed along with his delegation.
The President confirmed the importance of the key role which could be played by the Federal Service Council in scaling up and developing the staff levels, providing equal access to employment opportunity as well as guaranteeing the principle of equality to hold a post so as to achieve social justice among all Iraqis.   
 The necessity of developing the administrative system, upgrading the State's job structure, developing the efficiency of the public service employees, furthermore working to achieve the institutional reform, create job opportunities for the unemployed, provide the suitable social welfare in coordination with the competent authorities. His Excellency highlighted.
Together, the President and the visiting delegation reviewed the steps taken by the Council to improve the State's staffing structure in the line with the world developments in the fields of employment and economy.


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