The President, Meeting Minister of Health and Environment, Underscores the Need to Take Precautionary Measures against Coronavirus


Meeting with the Minister of Health and Environment, Dr. Jaafar Sadiq Allawi and the delegation accompanying him today at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad, President Salih and his guest discussed the precautionary measures taken by Ministry of Health against the new coronavirus to prevent any case of epidemics and coronavirus infection from being arrived and spread in the country.  
His Excellency emphasized that extremely important should be given by the Ministry for addressing the infectious diseases as well as providing appropriate medical examinations required which would prevent coronavirus from being arrived in Iraq.
Furthermore, there is a need to develop the performance of the medical centers and health-care institutions. And all precautionary actions which would maintain the health of the population need to be taken, he confirmed.
The Minister of Health and Environment, in turn, reviewed the Ministry's plans to counter the threat of the new coronavirus in addition to the steps taken to protect citizens from being infected by the coronavirus. These could be done by offering a healthy and adequate environment.


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