President, Meeting a Number of Arab States' Ambassadors, Highlights the Importance of Upholding Iraq's Sovereignty, Ending Turkish Military Incursion into Iraq


President Salih received today at the Baghdad Palace a number of the Ambassadors of the Arab States.
The discussions at the meeting focused on the ways and means of enhancing the relationship with the Arab States as well as broadening constructive cooperation across all the fields which would guarantee the interests of all.
The President underscored that a strong and capable Iraq having sovereignty is the national project that would safeguard Iraq and its security as well as lasting societal peace, and indicated that Iraq's stability is a main pillar of regional stability.
Moreover, he stressed that Iraq has its power and its influence over its regional and international environment. 
Therefore, Iraq sovereignty should be respected by all; non-interference in the internal affairs of Iraq should be considered as fundamental to build an evolving relationship based on common understanding on many issues of common interest.   
The President asserted the importance of boosting the role in finding a lasting peaceful solution to address the crises and tensions in the region, guaranteeing security and stability at all times and for all States.
 He added that our attitudes are based on distancing Iraq from axes policy as well as adopting an equally neutral policy with all states.  
Furthermore, he emphasized Iraq's eagerness to deepening its relations with its Arab environment building upon its historical ties and its pivotal role as well.
Therefore, he said that there is an earnest desire to create a safe and secure environment which would help to achieve the common interests and objectives delivering progress, development and economic prosperity for our peoples.
His Excellency the President underlined that the violations of Turkey Military into Iraqi territories must be put to an end; he considered this incursion as violation to Iraq's sovereignty and the security of the region.
He commended the stance of the brotherly nations and Arab League' attitude for supporting Iraq regarding Turkey's military incursion in Iraq in addition to promoting its security and stability.
It is essential to work together and joint coordination to find solutions to the border problems between the two countries through diplomatic channels, serious dialogue and mutual cooperation, he added.
The Ambassadors of Arab States, in their turns, expressed their countries' full support for Iraq's efforts to protect its sovereignty and its soil from any external aggression.
 Moreover, they showed their countries' desire to foster their relations with Iraq in addition to broadening the scope of cooperation and coordination on the issues of common concern.


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