President Welcomes Osama al-Nujaifi


President Salih met today at the Salam Palace in Baghdad with the Head of Salvation and Development Front Mr. Osama al-Nujaifi.
The President and Mr. al-Nujaifi discussed the evolution of the political and security environment in the country, and underscored the need to support the State and enhance its sovereignty which would lead to peace, security and stability.
Jointly, they agreed and emphasized the importance of concerted efforts to create an appropriate environment for conducting early elections under equitable, free and fair electoral law which guarantees genuine representation of voters in the electoral process, brings integrity, transparency and credibility and prevents manipulation, forgery.
Moreover, they examined the situations in Nineveh Governorate. They highlighted the necessity of joining efforts to achieve security and stability in the city and maintain achievements after defeating ISIS, and focused on issues of returning displaced and migrants to their cities and villages and people's demands regarding livelihoods and services.


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