The President Meets the Secretary-General of the High Coordination Committee of Provincial Affairs in the Council of Ministers


On Wednesday, February 1, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Abdullatif Jamal Rashid met with the Secretary-General of the high coordination Committee of provincial affairs in the Council of Ministers, Mr. Ahmed Al-Fatlawi, at the Baghdad Palace.

It is crucial to visit the Iraqi provinces to witness the scale of the challenges facing our citizens, and how to address them, His Excellency President Rashid highlighted. It is essential to render better public services, and focus on the provincial needs across the country, HE added. 

It is a matter of critical importance to active the provisions of the constitution and laws on administrative decentralisation and devolution of power to the local provinces; this will help tackle corruption and raise the overall standards.

The President asserted that the provincial council should reconsider the preparation of the province draft law amendment act to include local provinces’ inputs and requirements. It is vital to ensure that appropriate funds are allocated for the public expenditure of the provinces to help them improve the physical infrastructure and basic services, he added. It is necessary to construct fully integrated cities that offer better public services and excellent infrastructure, he said.

The country's stability both politically and in terms of security would open investment opportunities in multiple sectors, President Rashid went on to say that advantage should be taken from such opportunities to advance the economy and living standards in the country.

His Excellency deemed it necessary to have a citizens’ complaints hotline established directly under the Presidency management.

Mr. Al-Fatlawi said that the Committee will play a coordinating role with the Presidency of the Republic by examining each province's report, and he expressed the government's eagerness to ensure the petrodollar allocations to the oil-production provinces.

A development fund for Iraq and the fund for the reconstruction of the poorest provinces have been allocated.



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