President Rashid Meets Interior and Justice Ministers


On Thursday, February 2, 2023, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Abdullatif Jamal Rashid met with the Minister of Interior Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, and Minister of Justice Khalid Shawani, at the Baghdad Palace.

His Excellency President Rashid stressed the need to expand coordination between the two Ministries, in a way that would help to take joint responsibility for the legal and security situation. It is important to consolidate human rights principles, HE said, including reviewing the victims’ cases and resolving the issues of detainees and prisoners. The services provided by the departments of both Ministries to citizens on the daily basis should be improved, he highlighted while administrative and financial corruption must be tackled head-on.

The President spoke about the important role played by Iraq's Interior Ministry with its security agencies as a key factor in prevailing security and stability as well as in providing a safe environment for Iraqi citizens. The Ministry of Interior is required to make extraordinary efforts to maintain public security and address the potential flaws in the security system, which could be exploited by terror groups. The Interior Ministry must ensure public safety and security, His Excellency underlined.

The Ministry of Justice has an important role, including the responsibility of applications of the laws that have a direct impact on the citizens' lives, President Rashid continued, in addition to the provision of essential services for the detainees and prisoners, treating them fairly and in accordance with international standards. The detention centres should be properly segregated to ensure that minor or unintentional offenders are not mixed with, and perpetrators who have committed serious crimes, he added.

Mr. Al-Shammari said that strict measures have been taken to punish members of the law enforcement agencies, who abuse their power and mistreat the detainees and prisoners, resort to torture, or violate their rights. The Ministry moves ahead with the rehabilitation programmes including drug treatment for the prisoners.

Mr. Shawani emphasised that further action has been taken to ensure the places of the detainees and prisoners are in line with international standards, and he said that the next phase will witness remarkable changes regarding food and other supplies provided to the prisoners. New plans have been set in motion to address the overcrowding of places of detention and facilitate the procedures of the visits. He added that the Ministry uses new mechanisms and technologies to control the banned substances in the places of the detainees and prisoners. 

The two Ministers thanked His Excellency President Rashid for the warm reception and his enthusiasm about the file of the detainees and prisoners. They explained both Ministries' mechanisms of action and the challenges that they face. The two guests also spoke about the plans that were set in motion to improve the performance.



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