President of the Republic Receives the Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front


H.E. Dr. Barham Salih the President of the Republic received Mr. Arshad Al-Salhi, Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, today, Wednesday October 10, 2018.
Mr. al-Salhi visited his Excellency on top of a delegation of the leaders of the Front to congratulate him on his election as President of the Republic.
During the meeting, the visiting delegation expressed their full support to President Barham Salih on the assumption of his Presidential duties and wished him success in serving all various spectra and components of the Iraqi people without any discrimination.
Dr. Barham Salih expressed his confidence in the capability of Iraqis to overcome all obstacles by adopting constructive dialogue and working to enhance cooperation and entrench the Iraqi unity of row, stressing on the spirit of brotherhood that binds all components of the Iraqi spectrum.
His Excellency called on political blocs to cooperate with Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, the Prime Minister-designate and facilitate his task in forming the next government.


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