Text of Speech of the President of the Republic at the Tenth International Conference to Combat Violence Against Women


"In the name of Allah the Merciful
" And they (women) have rights similar to those (of men) over them in kindness," Great truth of God
Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests
Mr. Speaker of the House of Representatives
Dear brother, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim
Peace and mercy of God..
There is nothing highest and supreme than inspiring the greatness of the steadfastness of grand Sayyida Zeinab (peace be upon her) as a symbol in which the glory of sacrifice is united in defense of the truth and the nobility of character that is steadfast in the face of violence, injustice, and those who shed the blood of purified martyrs in the incident of the Taff.
And there is nothing noblest than remembering  the woes and suffering of violence for the victims of war, extremism and terrorism inflicted on Iraqis throughout our contemporary history, especially the mothers, wives and daughters the victims of the crimes of Anfal, mass graves, Sinjar and Speicher. However, the enslavement and rape of women and their sale in the markets of slavery or killing them with no fear and without the slightest conscience, are the ugliest, the most condemnable crime and the most contrary to the laws of God and human values and moral principles.
A salute of appreciation for the initiative of Aziz of Iraq Sayyid Abdulaziz al-Hakim (May God have mercy on him) for calling for such a day to be considered an annual Islamic day to combat violence against women, notably Iraqi women, who were subjected to the most severe forms of injustice and oppression by the gangs of the two terrorist organizations of ISIS and preceded by al-Qaeda  .
And a salute for your efforts to make this 10th International Conference to Combat Violence Against Women successful and strive for social, political, economic and academic empowerment of women to play a leading role in the human and life industry.
While expressing our best wishes for your success and for advancing in enhancing efforts to combat violence against women in our society and our country, we believe that this noble mission deserves the support of all. With the contribution of state institutions, the efforts of civil society and civil and international organizations and their initiatives are required and important to prevent violence against women. There is also a need to strengthen the role of the judiciary and legal legislation to address cases in which women are subjected to violations that harm their human dignity, such as giving them as price to resolve clan disputes or crimes committed by males and other practices that are rejected by heavenly laws.
Civil progress and growing awareness of freedom, human dignity and equality have made much progress for the benefit of women, but it is unfortunate that many women in our country continue to be victims of violence in its various forms. Women's violence goes beyond the limits of domestic and verbal one to physical violence and to the suffering of many Iraqi women at the hands of criminal gangs, on top of them the terrorist organization of ISIS, as well as what we witness recently of horrific killings of women for various and often dubious motives that mostly require condemnation and prompt intervention of the rule of law.
It was a great honor for us that the Iraqi Yazidi citizen Nadia Murad win the Nobel Peace Prize as a worthy right for the victims of terrorism from her people and all victims of violence and extremism in the world, and express the deep humanitarian solidarity with them and a victory of all human values. The whole world has witnessed how all Iraqis have risen to liberate Sinjar and to support their Yazidi brothers who have been subjected to one of the most heinous crimes against humanity.
We also affirm that the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and girls is one of the fundamental values of the Iraqi constitution, as in the resolutions of the United Nations and the international human rights regulations, and we all have as media men, religious, cultural and social elites an important role in raising awareness on it.
It is our duty to strongly advocate for the empowerment of women in their struggle for their rights and all that will support their reality and raise it constantly. In this regard, we seek to activate the national plan for the implementation of the Security Council resolution (on women, security and peace), which is intended to promote the status of women in the world after Iraq was the first country in the Middle East and North Africa to adopt this plan, which includes the areas of involving women in the peacemaking process and in decision making during and after armed conflict, to protect them from all forms of violence to which they may be subjected to.
We stress on the need to combat any form of discrimination or violence against Iraqi women, which now constitute more than half of society, and to fight all that harms its status from obsolete patrimony, extremism, backwardness and ignorance.
Ladies and Gentlemen
The history of the Iraqi women's struggle against violence and to win their rights as a full-fledged citizen has a long history, and it is also great her resilience to the hardships and crises they had experienced by previous wars and what they have suffered in some areas because of the barbarism of the terrorists.
The first step is to strengthen the role of women in our country and support them to overcome the obstacles that hinder the improvement of their living conditions and give them a decent leadership position in the economic, functional, political and administrative fields. This is a basic need for the sustainable development of our country within the framework of a modern civil state, that guarantees the rights and dignity of all ..
There are no rights without safeguarding the rights of women the half the society, and I learned from my mother, who raised me (May God have mercy on her), where she always told me if the woman is half the society, she is the mother of the other half. There will be no stability nor stability nor promotion without decent and dignified status for women.
I salute and cherish your efforts and all the efforts that have been made to make life for women without violence or threat.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God."


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