Speech of Dr. Barham Salih the President of the Republic on the Visit of Arbaeen (29/10/2018)


In the name of Allah the Merciful
Dear Iraqi people.
My brothers and sisters who march to the shrine of Imam al-Hussein in these blessed days.
Greetings to you, peace, mercy and blessings of God upon the millions of our people and the peoples of the world as they are heading towards Karbala of the pride ..
On this great occasion, I cannot but extend my sincere condolences to the Iraqi people, to the Islamic nation, and to the high-prestige of the supreme religious authority in Najaf.
The revolution of Imam al-Hussein (peace be upon him) was and will remain the revolution of freedom and justice in the face of tyranny and injustice. It is the revolution of reform and change of reality, and it is a homeland for those seeking for humanity, life and social justice.
Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) came out to seek reform in this nation. Let our motto, our work, and our efforts be to purge our country of corruption, mismanagement, and deprivation of rights and services ... 
We must draw inspiration from the fragrant of this immortal memory and to awaken by its lofty meanings a practical course in the application of the real reform towards a strong and capable state that serves its people, and worthy of the people and the history of Iraq.
At a time when we thrive good at forming the government within the constitutional times … but we have many challenges ahead that call for unity of row .. unity of the word .. and unity of the path ..
in order to achieve the desired reform ..
For reform is not a slogan we echo, but a belief and a conviction that we must evoke by action and work.
We will work with all that we have of strength and faith in God, and in this great people to keep the path of reform.
We support every step that contributes to this, and be the better in being entrusted with the sovereignty and serving the interests of our country.
In conclusion, I would like to thank our heroic security forces and all respective government agencies and bodies, which have contributed to securing and success of the visit of Arbaeen , this great march in the hearts of the Iraqis.
Peace on the land of Mesopotamia.
Peace on the land of history and civilization ..
Peace be upon the Iraqi people ... and God's mercy and blessings

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